Love Letters to Hadley

When I was registering while pregnant with Hudson, I had joked with my husband that our babies should all share the same initials so that these monogrammed items could cycle through.

After Hudson passed, I received beautiful memorial gifts as a tribute to him, several items bore his HJS initials. From that point on, I was convinced that was one of the ways we would always be able to honor him. I wore his initials around my neck and it was to honor him and provide hope for the future sibling(s) he would have, they are my little loves, my HJS babies. It's a bond that Hudson's sibling(s) can have with him, something they can always share.

Going through this first Pregnancy After Loss, we learned we would be welcoming a little girl into our lives. We chose to name her Hadley Jane. Just like my letters of love to my Hudson, here are a collection of letters to my Hadley girl.

My Girl
Love You Like I'm Going to Lose You
Reconceiving Life
Welcome to the World, Hadley Jane
To My Daughter on Her First Day of Daycare
The Best Year

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