Welcome to Domestikated. 

A lifestyle blog that documents my journey as a wife who is working, planning, cooking, cleaning, entertaining, budgeting, decorating, traveling, photographing, shopping, loving, learning and writing my way through life. I began my adventures in the blogosphere with a cooking blog, Kate’s Cure for the Common Cuisine, which gave me the creative outlet to write and share one specific passion - food! This blog grows beyond that, sharing adventures in and outside of the kitchen, and expanding into new territory as I do things my way, the domestikated way.

I am a non-profit fundraiser by trade; compulsive bargain shopper, wannabe closet curator, aspiring chef, decorating diva, and theme-party lover by hobby.


Above was the intro page that sat on this blog for nearly two years. That was the unscathed version of me.

I created my domestikated domain in 2013 but it has sat vacant. It wasn't until a recent event in our life that I felt the need and urge to share my soul and start writing again. After 2.5 years of marriage, my husband and I encountered the most devastating time in our life - the loss of our first born son due to a cord accident at 33 weeks on May 27, 2015. Since the nightmare begin, this has become my outlet to navigate our life after loss, expressing emotion and my grieving heart.

Right now I am trying to create beauty from ashes and find purpose. Life after loss - that is our new road. Grief is a journey that I wish I could put a time frame on. There is sadness, there is anger, there is jealousy, there is resentment, there is self-loathing, there is fear. There is gratitude, there is humility, there is acceptance. There is joy again, and this is the road to it. I will write about Hudson, I will write about our pain, but my hope is to also share all of those other things listed above because they are part of our life as well. It is all part of this journey and I hope in the process, it is able to help others on theirs. 

This is me. This is my life. 

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